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17 June 2013


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Jess Read

Im starting CrossFit. like you, I am a food lover who wants to be skinny (slim) - tomorrow will be my first real session in fact. Reading your post fills me with fear I've got to admit! most of the words you use I dont understand, and basically it sounds like you are spending time being tortured slowly in 3 neat parts. Anyhoo, don't knock it till you try it eh? After all, what's the worst that could happen? vomit on the floor in front of the hot trainers? be so slow that only me and the cleaner remain in the gym? death by kettlebell?...


Yay, Jess!!! It's looks and sounds intimidating, but it's all scalable to your fitness level and you're much fitter and younger than me! I'ma total wuss. I don't lift heavy because I don't want to get as muscular as the other girls. But CrossFit will improve your cardio and your ability to go from one task to another without the need for rest. While you're doing it, you'll feel like you're about to die but, don't worry, everyone is going through the same torture. The fact that it doesn't kill you is a high in itself and is enough to keep you going. There's a sense of accomplishment of having gone through hell and living to tell the tale. Am so excited for you, Jess! Go, go, go!!!


Oh, and get yourself a good pair of gloves!

Paulo Tatad

Hi Gai,

Love your posts. Love Crossfit. Love ice cream more. Haha.

Coach Pau


Aw, thanks, Coach! Hope to see you at the box soon!

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