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22 May 2011


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Hi! Could you share a little advice on having braces and doing Bikram? I've been practicing for almost a year. I'm getting my braces done in two months, and I was wondering if there are things I should watch for. Should I stop Bikram for the initial period after the braces are in etc? What about for poses like locust pose? I've read that the teeth would feel loose for a while so i'm kind of nervous about it. Would appreciate your advice or tips. thanks!


Hi Sara! I don't recall the braces affecting my practice. I think there is some concern about bleeding after they pull out the teeth they have to pull out, but that's only for a day or so. Best to ask your orthodontist. Good luck with it! I wish I could say "Grin and bear it" but I didn't smile in all my pictures for more than a year! I'm so glad they're off now...


Btw, I totally recommend the Damon system. It took only 1.5 years. My teeth still aren't perfect but I couldn't bear to have them on any longer. I like them imperfect though. At least they still look real. :-)

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