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05 February 2012


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i never saw an article "If I were managing Crossfit...."


Do you want one? ;-)


hahaha im scared! but yea sige...i'm all about feedback anyway.


I think I've said everything I have to say in that first post about CrossFit. You've obviously improved since then and my only concern now is the programming of the WODs. This is actually why I am hesitant to return. The WODs are too random for me. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason behind the programming. It's weird to be jumping rope or doing box jumps or squats for one week straight and then none at all for months.

If the WODs could be planned better so that the different muscle groups are given equal attention in the space of a week (for instance, for the upper body, chest muscles on Monday, biceps on Tuesday, shoulders on Wednesday, triceps on Thursday, etc.), I think CrossFit will be unbeatable in the fitness arena. Of course I haven't been back since you and Matt have taken over coaching so, for all I know, you've already improved on the programming, in which case, I can't wait to return!

Good luck!

Btw, Rosan can't thank me enough for introducing her to CrossFit and Paleo. And I already dragged her with me before to barre3, kettlebells and Krav Maga. Although she enjoyed the other workouts, CrossFit is the only one she's signed up to join.


haha, yes we had a long discussion about programming and pau has taken the responsibility of that. basically we plot the benchmarks (so treat that as your marathon races) and we try to prepare you for those marathon races.


I'm not getting that...


Anyway, do let Pau know of my concerns. I think they're valid.

In the example I gave above, if you programmed your WODs that way, even if someone came in every day or every other day, they wouldn't be working out the same muscle group.

Remember when I couldn't come in because we had been doing squats non-stop the entire week? When I texted you to ask what the WOD was, there were still some sort of squats involved. I didn't think it was right for me to keep working out the same muscle group so I skipped the class and decided to give myself time to heal instead.

thirdy lopez

I love this blog post. I love the idea of FTX but that is really annoying with FTX...

No one attends to you unless you demand it...


Phew! Thanks for agreeing with me, Thirdy. At least I don't seem like I'm too bratty.

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