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24 June 2013


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Jess Read

i did 5X5 of back squats for the first time today and managed 30kg. Oh dear! im always at the bottom of the leaderboard. Also, my knee hurts - popping and aches at the top. IM SO WEAK. when will i get better?! ps. this is my 4th session and im a very impatient woman


Don't ask me. I keep starting from zero. It's a good thing I'm always the only chick in class. What I want to know is how one keeps one's elbows up doing FRONT squats without crushing one's collarbones and throat?

Have they made you do burpees yet?

Jess Read

done burpees, yes. but they werent a surprise as Ive done them in other circuit classes before. Its the weight lifting that is totally new and alien. And admittedly, i am pretty scared of it! willl keep pushing on.... resting today though as mondays class made me so sore today. i dont think its wise to do again when you are super sore. there are mixed schools of though with that. what do you think?


See, I'm a bit twisted when it comes to pain. I love muscle pain. If nothing hurts, I'm not doing it right.

I think there's a lot of pain that you can power through. But there's pain that you also have to respect. Listen to your body. For me, I pay attention to anything that has to do with my lower back. Everything else, provided I can still walk, I can ignore.

But what people don't realize is that rest days are just as crucial as the days that you're working out. So if you need to rest, rest. Like last week, I'm taking Wednesday and Sunday off this week.

Hope you feel better tomorrow, Jess!


Btw, be careful with the weights, okay? Especially when you have to do a lot of reps. Your form is more important than trying to go heavy or trying to go fast. The last thing you want is an injury.

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